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Governments all across the world recognize the need for effective governance, enterprise architecture, information security, and citizen directed services. We bring innovation, experience, and in-depth industry knowledge to the federal, state and local government agencies as they strive to connect with their citizens and businesses. Business Intelligence Systems Inc.'s federal consulting services are focused on helping government organizations improve service delivery, increase efficiency, reduce operating costs, and expand constituent participation.

Our federal services consultants have an excellent mix of technology skills and business acumen, and suitably geared to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing public sector environment. We serve clients by seeing the world as it is, and bringing innovation to carry out their vision of how it could be.

Our consulting teams are serving the federal agencies in one of two ways - by directly working for a federal agency or by partnering with a prime contractor to serve the federal agency indirectly. As the federal agencies increasingly use contract vehicles and schedules to add value in the face of increasing fiscal pressures, citizen demands, and workforce attrition, we work closely with our federal clients to explore new and innovative operating models, so that agencies may achieve success in the following areas :
BIS consulting teams can deliver solutions around the following key focus areas:
Shaping the relationship to the situation
Negotiating and contracting effectively
Managing workforce issues
Managing the ongoing relationship
Ensuring strong performance
Institutionalizing innovation and flexibility
BIS's functional knowledge creates a strong foundation for service offerings. Over the years, BIS has delivered custom technology solutions across the entire depth and breadth of the government value chain.
Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence
Application Development & Management
IT Infrastructure Security
Enterprise Application Integration
Enterprise Application Integration
Reusable Frameworks
Supply Chain Management
Customer Relationship Management
Enterprise Resource Planning