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Portal technology is the key to leveraging years of IT investments made in building and maintaining your core business applications and deploying the functionality and information to your employees and customers.

With the combination of the right portal container, a content management system, an application server, and a security solution, you will be able to build fully customized Web portals that will give employees and customers information and applications that are critical to your day to day interaction.

As your organization moves forward with your e-business initiatives, it is imperative that you not only consider the integrity, scalability, and openness of the solution, but also the ability to leverage existing IT infrastructure investments within the new model. Being able to seamlessly integrate mission critical legacy applications, enterprise business packages, customer relationship management solutions, custom applications, and other vital systems, without extensive programming and architecture revamping is the key to success in deploying your enterprise information portal solution.

We at BIS have extensive experience in defining the enterprise portal strategy and implementing the solution in a cost effective manner by utilizing the best practices, commercial vendor, and open source solutions.